Quick Life Update: Country Music Edition

Hi guys! Wow, once again I’ve stopped posting and gone silent… I swear, I’m alive! I’ve just been so busy and everything is really wild right now. These have been the busiest two weeks I’ve had in a long time, and aside from that a lot of mess has happened in my personal life.

Here’s a quick run down:

  • Someone destroyed that ceramic piece I was working on, so I’ve been rebuilding that while also throwing cup after cup after cup…
  • I’m also in the process of making a bunch of ceramic stuff for the S.L.I.C. sale next month. I’ll make a post on that sometime soon.
  • My car battery died. Like completely died. We were able to charge it briefly but now it’s gone and I have to replace it.
  • I’ve had like 4 papers due, and of course I don’t know how to do anything on time so I’ve been pulling all nighters a lot.
  • I interviewed for a new job, but haven’t heard back yet so…
  • I spent last night at a country concert.

That last bullet is the reason for this post though! In case you didn’t know, I’m from the South. I’m a very proud North Carolinian. I love everything about the state, and seriously miss it daily. But, even though I grew up in North Carolina, I’ve never gotten into Country Music.

I use to really love it back in the day (ya know, back when it was all female driven and actually good…) but, last night I went to a Kacey Musgraves concert.

I’ll pause here for gasps and initial shock to subside.

I would like to say that this wasn’t planned. I was taken to the concert by someone who is a huge fan of hers, and I had never even actually heard anything by her before! (Okay, that’s actually not true because she opened for Katy Perry when I saw her last year.)

Prior to the show, this was the only song I actually knew by her. It’s cute, catchy, and uplifting. But, it’s not really my cup of tea, ya know?

But then she played this at the show and I was sold:

The concert was phenomenal, her vocals were amazing, and her entire schtick is so cute! She’s basically the Katy Perry of country music and I’m positively obsessed now. So, if you need me I’ll be listening to her albums on repeat for the next few days and crying that I wasn’t a fan before.

Oh, also, absolutely check out her “Waves” cover. Actually, it’s more of a duet but it’s stunning. I think I might like it better than the original. I can totally see her venturing out of country music in the future.

I’ll start trying a little harder on my posting schedule. I have a few queued up, so let’s hope I don’t let this blog die!