Franklin Park Conservatory

Hi guys! Last week was a damn hurricane. I was so busy, but didn’t really do anything productive (basically I was just grumpy and slept the week away). I ended up getting some serious food poisoning at the end of the week so that sucked a lot. But, this weekend was pretty stellar. Saturday started with brunch, then transitioned into a full afternoon of thrift shopping with one of my best friends (I bought the cutest dish set!), then dinner and a movie with another friend. But, on Sunday I finally went to the Conservatory!

In case you aren’t sure what that is, it’s this huge botanical garden located right here in Columbus, Ohio. It’s pretty well known for its butterfly exhibits (it was the first conservatory in the nation to showcase a seasonal butterfly exhibition!) and for it’s collection of Dale Chihuly glass sculptures (it’s the only public botanical garden in the world to own a signature collection of Chihuly’s glass artworks!). So, basically it’s pretty damn special.

Okay, let’s just take a minute to appreciate those sculptures. I’m literally amazed by glass blowing. It’s just so magnificent, and other worldly, to me. I’m considering taking a glass blowing class next semester, but I don’t know yet…

Anyway, the actual building is split up into a few different areas that start on the second floor. Upon climbing the stairs you’re met with the Grand Atrium, which is basically just a large sitting area. To the right of the atrium you have the Cardinal Health Gallery, which is used to house smaller art collections.

For the past month (or maybe longer… I’m not actually sure of the start date) the exhibition on display has been Orchids (which are placed throughout the entirety of the conservatory instead of being placed in one area). Part of this exhibition was the inclusion of a “ceramics show” displayed in the Cardinal Health Gallery. This show was the purpose of my trip (in case you weren’t aware one of my college majors is ceramics)!

There were easily over 25 pieces in the show, but these were my favorites. The amount of detail (the surface technique on those 3 rock like pieces was absolutely breathtaking) and precision that went into some of these pieces is astonishing. Oh, and my current ceramics professor had two pieces in the show (the alpaca & hawks)!

A constant theme in my work is nature, and how it affects my life, so these were really neat to see in juxtaposition with the plant life throughout the conservatory.

The rest of the conservatory is split into two sides: South Conservatory and North Conservatory. The south is made up of the Pacific Island Water Garden (where the butterflies are housed!), while the north is made up of the Desert, the Tropical Rainforest, and the Himalayan Mountains. At the back of the conservatory is the Palm House, the Zen Terrace, and The Grove. The outside spaces consist of the Bonsai Courtyard and the Sculpture Garden.

So that’s that! It wasn’t really that big, or super impressive, but it was especially nice to feel like I had “escaped” Columbus (and life in general) for a little bit. Overall, go visit the Franklin Park Conservatory! It’s worth the trip. I know I’ll be going back to see the upcoming exhibits throughout the year.

Well, as always, thanks for reading!


PS – I’m working on a few posts that I’m very excited about (one about brunch spots, one about coffee shops, and a very very very late list of monthly favorites!). I’m hoping to have them up while I’m on spring break.



Quick Life Update: Country Music Edition

Hi guys! Wow, once again I’ve stopped posting and gone silent… I swear, I’m alive! I’ve just been so busy and everything is really wild right now. These have been the busiest two weeks I’ve had in a long time, and aside from that a lot of mess has happened in my personal life.

Here’s a quick run down:

  • Someone destroyed that ceramic piece I was working on, so I’ve been rebuilding that while also throwing cup after cup after cup…
  • I’m also in the process of making a bunch of ceramic stuff for the S.L.I.C. sale next month. I’ll make a post on that sometime soon.
  • My car battery died. Like completely died. We were able to charge it briefly but now it’s gone and I have to replace it.
  • I’ve had like 4 papers due, and of course I don’t know how to do anything on time so I’ve been pulling all nighters a lot.
  • I interviewed for a new job, but haven’t heard back yet so…
  • I spent last night at a country concert.

That last bullet is the reason for this post though! In case you didn’t know, I’m from the South. I’m a very proud North Carolinian. I love everything about the state, and seriously miss it daily. But, even though I grew up in North Carolina, I’ve never gotten into Country Music.

I use to really love it back in the day (ya know, back when it was all female driven and actually good…) but, last night I went to a Kacey Musgraves concert.

I’ll pause here for gasps and initial shock to subside.

I would like to say that this wasn’t planned. I was taken to the concert by someone who is a huge fan of hers, and I had never even actually heard anything by her before! (Okay, that’s actually not true because she opened for Katy Perry when I saw her last year.)

Prior to the show, this was the only song I actually knew by her. It’s cute, catchy, and uplifting. But, it’s not really my cup of tea, ya know?

But then she played this at the show and I was sold:

The concert was phenomenal, her vocals were amazing, and her entire schtick is so cute! She’s basically the Katy Perry of country music and I’m positively obsessed now. So, if you need me I’ll be listening to her albums on repeat for the next few days and crying that I wasn’t a fan before.

Oh, also, absolutely check out her “Waves” cover. Actually, it’s more of a duet but it’s stunning. I think I might like it better than the original. I can totally see her venturing out of country music in the future.

I’ll start trying a little harder on my posting schedule. I have a few queued up, so let’s hope I don’t let this blog die!


Kauai, Hawaii

A few months ago, my friend and I went to California. We spent a few days in Los Angeles and spent the rest of the week with my grandparents. During that trip were invited to Hawaii, and we weren’t entirely sure it was an actual possibility. Fast forward 6 months (wow time FLIES) to us standing on the shore of the Pacific Ocean.

We left on a Friday afternoon, and had two layovers: Chicago and Los Angeles.

Disclaimer: I despise Los Angeles. I truly think it’s one of the worst cities I’ve ever been to, and that goes for the airport too. The airport is a MESS. It’s always under construction, the layout doesn’t make any sense, and it’s always crowded. (Fun fact: we also flew through DC which is another one of my least favorite airports…)

I don’t have any thoughts on Chicago, since I’ve never been out of the airport, but our first layover was short and sweet. Just a enough time to grab a coffee, take some pictures, and sit down. Did you honestly except me not to take pictures in this hallway?

We got to LAX between 10 and 11pm, and fully expected to stay in the airport overnight (we had a 10 hour layover). We made our way to the Hawaiian Airlines terminal, and this is where things took a turn. Remember what I was saying about LAX being a mess? Well, the Hawaiian Airlines terminal is in an entirely separate building than the major American airlines. So, we walked the mile long walk to our terminal, walked up to security, showed them our tickets, and the woman said: “What do you want?” Um, ok… I’m just trying to go sit down and take a nap and buckle in for this 10 hour layover, ma’am.

Long story short: they made us leave the airport and we had to get a hotel. The hotel driver wouldn’t let us on the shuttle at first so that was an experience all within itself. The hotel was so cute, but we only stayed for about 5 or 6 hours in the middle of the night, so I didn’t get any pictures.

The flight to Hawaii was pretty great. Yeah, it was a really long flight but the plane was empty so we both got our own row, and they gave out complimentary alcohol. So, win-win in my book.

We visited Kauai, or as I like to call it: Chicken Island. Um, but hang on, WOW HAWAII IS BEAUTIFUL, OKAY? The moment I stepped off the airplane I was in heaven. It was warm, smelled great, looked amazing, and felt beautiful.

We didn’t really do much while we were there except relax and soak it all in. We stayed on Poʻipū Beach in a condo that sat over this cute street and had the most amazing view of the ocean (I SAW A WHALE, ONE MORNING, WHILE DRINKING COFFEE!). The ocean looks kind of far off in this picture, but believe me it wasn’t.


I think what I’m going to do now is give a picture breakdown of the two major categories of any vacation: Food & Sights. Also, I don’t remember a lot of the specifics about what we did because I spent my whole week reading (which I’ll be making a book recommendation post soon) and tanning and being slightly tipsy at various times.


SO MUCH GOOD FOOD AND GOOD ALCOHOL AND AESTHETICS. The main thing I do when I travel, to somewhere new (and somewhere old), is eat. I always try to spend the least amount of money on lodging and put all my money into food. Why? Because, why not? It’s vacation! I don’t cook like this on the regular, so I might as well pay someone to cook for me!

Here’s a list of some of the stuff we ate: Thai food, TACOS (the ones pictured, from the food truck, are fish and shrimp), quesadillas, salads (because sometimes you just have to cleanse), and seafood. Did you really think I would go to Hawaii and not eat as much fresh seafood as possible?

Oh, also, HAPPY HOUR. And breweries (we went to two because it wouldn’t have been a vacation with my grandparents had we not).


Hawaii is hands down the second most beautiful place I’ve ever been (falling only behind Japan). It exceeded my expectations, and every time I woke up I was blown away. The smell of the ocean, the feel of the salt in the air, the sun… Just, ah. I could never live there but I could totally make yearly vacations a thing.

The highlight of the trip, for me, was the dinner cruise we took at the beginning of the week. It was a 6 hour cruise around the island, and absolutely stunning. We saw whales, dolphins, and even a few sea turtles. Seeing the island from the water just shed a complete new light on its beauty. (Also, there was an open bar on the cruise and so you know I would have been in love no matter what…)

Also, lastly, I can’t not mention the chickens. THEY’R EVERYWHERE. Roosters and hens and chicks. Just running around. They’re actually the top of the food chain in Kauai, which is insane to me. They’re really beautiful and not afraid of people, but honestly I could go my life without seeing chickens again. Well, mostly Roosters (who crow all the damn time no matter what hour it is).

It’s pretty funny, because usually all of my vacations come at a time when I’m either going through something or just feeling like I’m in a rut. And, this trip wasn’t any different. I had a full week to mentally recharge, and get a grip on what I want to accomplish in the next few months. It also really opened my eyes to a lot of stuff going on in my personal life, and I’m hoping that the positivity I felt in Hawaii will slowly come back to me in that area of my life too (I think it already is, but fingers crossed!).




Hello! It’s a month into 2016, and I’m finally getting back into the swing of things (can we call January a trial period?). The last month has been a hurricane! I swear, I’ve never been so busy in my entire life. Here’s a quick bulleted list of some of the stuff I’ve done:

  • built an 8 foot long dining table
  • started a new school semester
  • went to Hawaii
  • read a ton of books
  • danced and became obsessed with so much new music
  • started a new ceramics piece

Now, I know that doesn’t seem like a ton of stuff, but trust me, I’ve basically been running around nonstop! Anyway, since I know I wanted to actually commit to a blog this year, I figured I would throw something up to get everyone (and myself) acquainted with this new platform. The only issue was, I didn’t know what to post! Do I post about my Hawaii trip, or a detailed “journal like” entry  about my new year, or a list of my resolutions? I decided, nope, none of that!

For my first 2016 entry, on the new blog, I decided to post a playlist. I know it was basically all I posted the last time I blogged, but, I promise that it ties in to my crazy first month!

This playlist is a small part of the inspiration to my new ceramics piece (the thing that’s really been the cause of this month long hurricane). You may not know this about me, but I’m a huge creature of habit. For example, I tend to do most of my work in the middle of the night, and I typically listen to a lot of the same music while I’m working. I’ve never shared any of this music, since the songs don’t usually have anything to do with the piece, but sometimes one or two of them will find their way into it.

Well, that’s basically been my life for the last month. You can listen here, and I’ll share the actual piece when it’s finished!

Thanks for reading, and let’s hope this blogging thing actually takes off this time. xo.